Consistency Camp

A bootcamp-style workshop + audio course to help you create habits you can stick with and stay consistent in anything, even if it feels impossible.

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Ok, let's be honest: how many times have you invested all your time and energy into all the new routines, completely convinced that they would change your life only to fall off the proverbial wagon 2 weeks later and say, "Ya, I just can't stick with things. I'm too lazy. It's too mundane. I'm not motivated."

Here's the truth: motivation has nothing to do with. Excitement has nothing to do with it. Laziness has nothing to do with it. Perfection has nothing to do with it.

I get it. Staying consistent in the world we live in feels like a joke with a bad punchline. Everything feels unpredictable and uncertain, so how it is even possible to stick with anything?

More than ever, habits and routines feel like the answer to the chaos, but what happens when sticking with them feels like a never-ending battle against your schedule, your obligations and your mindset?

Introducing, Consistency Camp, a workshop to help you create habits you can stick with (in any season) even when it feels completely impossible.

This isn't just another habit-creating workshop, this is a DEPENDABILITY-creating workshop, because it's time you finally learn the tools you need to keep promises to yourself.

Inconsistency is a time-waster. Starting over (and over and over again) just sabotages your success and mama, you were meant for more than sabotage.

Imagine a life where you had...

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More time with your kids

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More time for yourself

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More time for your dreams

"So what will I be learning?"

Excellent question! Consistency Camp is an audio course + 2.5 hour workshop recording in one! We're focusing on things like...

What is consistency and how to create a mindset that supports it

Myths about staying consistent and why they’re holding you back

4 essentials you need to build consistency in any area of your life

The Tether Method of creating habits that makes it easier than ever to stick with things, even if you never have in the past.

How to decide on the outcome you're after so you don't waste time in areas that don't matter in your life

A step-by-step approach to building and maintaining consistency in any area of your life without having to sacrifice more of your time and energy

How to recognize and eliminate distractions

How to resist the urge to quit or wait for motivation to move your forward.

What consistency can look like for a variety of personality types, motherhood seasons and current situations.

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Join now and you'll get:

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Immediate access to 13+ value-packed audio lessons

These lessons are broken down for ease and simplicity without compromising value. You're getting the exact steps to create consistency in your life starting today!

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The recording of a 2.5 hour Consistency Camp workshop

Get access to a previously recorded Q+A and content-driven workshop that is worth 5X the price of the course alone. Get real-world instructions and examples for many llife and motherhood seasons.

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Bonus trainings created with purpose to enhance your experience

The bonus lessons will go beyond what's found in the workshop. Join now and get access to the audio lesson "Teaching consistency to your kids" because we all know we're in this thing as a family.

Consistency Camp is the fastest way to build habits in any area of your life, one step at a time that are rigid enough to keep you stable, but flexible enough to move with the chaos of motherhood.

This course is exactly what you need if:

You suffer from "start over syndrome" and love waiting for Monday to start your new routines.

You lose focus after a few weeks and feel like you're starting from scratch all the time.

The thought of creating habits gives you major hives and makes you involuntarily shake your head "NOPE!"

You don't trust yourself to stay consistent because you haven't in the past.

You're easily distracted and it totally interrupts your momentum.

You've thought on more than one occasion, "I'm just too lazy to be consistent."

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Meet your Consistency Camp host

Hey friend! I'm Kendra Hennessy, creator of Consistency Camp and the founder of Mother Like a Boss™ where my joy is putting reluctant homemakers back in the driver's seat of motherhood through realistic routines and practical mindset shifts.

I created Consistency Camp after seeing my 12,000+ students struggling to "stick with" their new routines, habits and lifestyle. They'd start off great, then fall off the wagon feeling completely deflated and defeated in the process.



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